2018年 ホワイトホースシアターの2チームの演目について




White Horse

9月20日(予定)より 10月27日(予定)まで

White Pony 

9月17(予定)日より 10月23日(予定)まで
所要時間 : 
“A”作品は90分前後 そのほかの劇は60分程度です。(劇の前にあらすじの説明を行うなどのご希望があれば5分から10分くらいの時間が必要です。)

A A Midsummer Night's Dream
by 4 actors

by W.Shakese作
(上級者向け)(高校生から大人まで)Shakespere の喜劇を90分に編集してありますが、原文の輝くような英語は何ら搊なわれておりません。夏の森の中でまき起こる夢のような展開をお楽しみください。
B Neighbours with Long Teeth
by 4 actors
Peter Griffith 作

C A Pinch of Salt
by 4 actors
(中学生、高校生、大学生)Shakespeareがリア王に使った昔から伝わるお話を劇化しました。シンデレラの要素も見受けられます。 ある国の王が自分をどのくらい愛しているかと尋ねたところ、愛する娘から"一つまみの塩"と同じように大事に思っていると言われて激高し娘を追放しましたが....
D Dick Whittington
by 2 actors
E Buckingham
by 2 actors
Peter Griffith作 プライドの高い貴婦人と執事とモルモットの大騒動。英語の学習を始めてすぐの方にも楽しめます。
英語劇ワークショップ 俳優とご一緒に参加者のレベルに応じてワークショップをデザインします。 俳優たちと考え、動き、表現、創作をしたりします。<別料金で申し受けます>


collecting exercise acting

(A)A Midsummer Night's Dream

Lysander loves Hermia. Helena loves Demetrius. Hermia loves Lysander. Demetrius loves Hermia. Pyramus loves Thisbe. And the fairy queen loves a donkey-headed monster... Shakespeare’s best-loved comedy examines the phenomenon of love – is it a form of magic? – is it a dream? – can lovers change the object of their affection at random? In a Midsummer Night’s Dream anything is possible. White Horse Theatre's adaption of this magical play uses Shakespeare's original language, but reduces the length of the play so that the story is told in ninety minutes. Music and dance are woven into the fabric of the dream and the scenes are full of colour and movement, so that even those audience members who do not understand all the words are able to follow the story and enjoy the comedy.

(B) Neighbours with Long Teeth

by by Peter Griffith
Mr and Mrs Smith live in a respectable part of the town. They are horrified when they discover that their new neighbours are a family of vampires. Their son Rick, on the other hand, feels himself immediatly attracted to the vampires' daughter Phylthia. Will the Smiths manage to get over their hatred of vampires? Have they the right to try to stop their son from having a relationship with the attractive neighbour? What are Phylthia’s real intentions towards Rick? Will Rick fall victim to the blood-sucking attentions of Phylthia’s father, the terrifying Count Spatula? And is the audience safe when Count Spatula is thirsty?
Neighbours with Long Teeth is a play about racism, parent-child conflict, teenage love – and vampires!

(C)A Pinch of Salt

It is a dramatic retelling of the English folk-tale which was used by Shakespeare as the basis for his play 'King Lear'. When she refuses to join her silly sisters in flattering her father, Princess Cordelia is thrown out of the palace and has to find her own way in the world. A Pinch of Salt is a story of mad kings and arrogant princes, of downtrodden servants and blind beggars – a story full of charm, humour and bitter-sweet fantasy.

(D)Dick Whittington

The story of Dick Whittington is one of England's best-loved folk-tales.
The young Dick arrives in London, with nothing to eat and no money. His only friend is his cat... but the cat helps Dick to become the richest man in London.

Dick Whittington is a lively and exciting play with a wealth of comic characters – a positive experience for primary-school pupils who are beginning to learn English.
The play makes use of vocabulary that will be familiar to pupils in the 3rd and 4th school-years colours, food, animals, household items, etc.

(E) Buckingham

The eccentric aristocrat Lady Bigmouth is touring Germany, visiting primary schools. With her is her long-suffering Butler Baxtiff, who has to do everything that Lady Bigmouth says. Also with her is Buckingham, Lady Bigmouth's pet guinea-pig. Lady Bigmouth's visit guarantees an hour of fun for audiences in the 1st and 2nd school-years – what happens when Buckingham escapes among the children? – and how does poor Baxtiff deal with the demands of his employer that he should find fresh food for the adventurous guinea-pig, or milk an angry cow to provide her with a glass of milk? The play is written in extremely simple English, and is presented very visually so that even 6- and 7-year-old children in their first years of learning English can enjoy the slapstick humour. During the play the children have a chance to practise words that they will have been learning in their lessons – the colours, the numbers, the parts of the body, the clothing, opposite adjectives, etc.